Our Mission

“EFES Group” limited liability company was founded in 2018. The aim of the company is to introduce the latest financial experience and skills in the local market. The experience of the company’s members and the skills accumulated over the years will be an assistance to existing individuals and StartUp skills, knowledge and business development.
Our experienced professionals will provide you consultaion on the financial status and sustainability of the organization, the prospective development paths, and other key components. The members of the company have been granted certificates by the most reputable international and local organizations.

Why Education and Training Courses?

There are many difficult-to-understand approaches in applying financial and regulatory articles, international financial reporting standards, which are easier to understand due to team discussions and practical tasks.

With all this in mind, EFES Group offers start-ups as well as practicing specialists in accounting and auditing, banking, consulting and tax law training.

We offer four-month or six-month training and courses․ If you would like to register, you should follow and complete the required information on link. Training and courses will address both thematic and practical issues specific to the field.


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Our Team

Arshak Varzhapetyan

Co-Founder & Chairman

Sona Khachatryan

Co-Founder & CEO

Ruzan Muradyan

Head of Accounting team/Department, Chief Accountant

Nelli Manukyan

Chief Accountant